VRML Worlds
Here is a VRML links page!

Once upon a time SONY engineers created an interactive VRML environment called
Community Place. It was bundled with new VAIO computers and unlike other VRML
environments stored the major geometries on one's hard drive, allowing for fast response
times in the interactive mode. Unfortunately, some genius subverted the developer's intent
and through SONY Imageworks turned it into a marketing tool for B movies like Godzilla
and Starship Troopers, then dropped support for it altogether, abandoning its many fans
as they shut down the servers.

The Community Place platform still remains, though, due to its Japanese fans.
The browser can still be downloaded from two sites:
Honjo Jidai Mura

From the above link download Honjo Jidai Mura which is combined with Sony’s 3D browser
and follow the default instructions in the installation program. This will install several worlds,
Honjo Jidai Mura, a feudal Japanese village, and SAPARi Park and Coast, fanciful anime environments. You can upgrade SAPARi by clicking on :

There is no english-language support however, there are three new worlds and more avatars to choose from there.

The following VRML worlds have been abandoned by SONY, but can be made to work
using the servers from the above worlds by editing the .wrl file and replacing the old
server address with one of the still-working ones, email for instructions if you're interested!

Circus Park 2

This world came with new VIAO computers and was the portal of entry for most new
users, a bizarre nightmare-circus environment..
Circus2.zip contains this world.
When unzipping, create a destination folder "circus2" to extract into.
Be sure the "Use Folder Names" box is checked, no others.
Place the new folder "circus2" into the "world" folder in your Community Place folder, and it should work fine.

Sony’s English archive page (no longer functioning) had the following worlds as
self-extracting .exe programs. They will be available here soon for educational purposes only.

Planets World

Music Theatre

Cyberspace Pinball



The Japanese CP worlds page at:

has also been abandoned.
There one could download Virtual Kids Park:

Three beautiful Japanese parks -  rich complex worlds, linked together,
originally designed for use by disabled children.
Also available here soon...

Finally, my own creation, Cafe Anarchie:

A virtual tavern with a variety of sounds and images.
Create a folder called "Cafe Anarchie" to download into, then place this
in the "world" folder.

It was a terrible shame that SONY blew it regarding this VRML platform, now
relegated to "curiosity" status, but many many emails and efforts to continue
it were met with marketing bullshit as the vision was taken from its mentors and
squandered .