Greetings, Earth Beings!

and let madness take its toll...

My complaint about havoc23:

havoc23's lack of ethics has become so flagrant that it merits your
complete attention. To start, if goofy artists really believed in
equality, they wouldn't focus too much on one side of the equation and not
enough on the broader perspective of things. What I'm saying is this:
there will be obscene things said on both sides of this issue eventually.
By this, I mean that s/he was warned by hir own minions not to regulate
radicalism. Although s/he won't admit it, s/he should try being a little more
open-minded. Perception becomes reality if one is brainwashed for long
enough. One final point: No group has done so much to demonize my family
and friends as H23's lackeys.

From the (apparently defunct) Complaint generator

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