Summer Solstice 1998
Maryhill, WA

View from the North                                            View from the West

Altar Stone                                                            Columbia River Gorge

Solstice Sun on Left and Center Arches

 Left Arch and morning shadows from the rising Sun

Celebrants from N. Dakota (Photo by permission)
All photos by Nick Olsen
 Hymn to Ra the Sun God
-from the Book of Coming Forth by Day

Homage to thee, o thou who hast come as Kephera, Kephera the creator of the gods. Thou art seated on thy
throne, thou risest up in the sky, illuminating the mother, Nuit, thou art seated on thy throne as the king
of the gods. Thy mother Nuit  stretcheth out her hands, and performeth an act of homage to thee. The domain
of  Manu recieveth thee with satisfaction. The goddess Maat embraceth thee at the two seasons of the day. May
Ra give glory, and power, and truth-speaking, and the appearance as a living soul  and who saith: O all ye gods
of the House of the Soul, who weigh heaven and earth in a balance, and who give celestial food to the dead.
Hail, Tatun, who art One, thou creator of mortals and of the Companies of the Gods of the South and the
North, of the West and of the East, ascribe ye praise to Ra, the lord of heaven, the King, Life, Strength, and
Health be to him, the maker of the Gods! Give ye thanks unto him in his benificent form which is enthroned in the
Atett Boat; beings celestial praise thee, beings terrestrial praise thee! Tahuti and the goddess Maat mark out thy
course for thee day by day and every day. Thine enemy the Serpent hath been given over to the fire.
The Serpent-fiend Sebak hath fallen headlong, his forelegs bound in chains, and his hind legs hath Ra carried away
from him. The Sons of Revolt shall never more rise up. The House of the Aged One keepeth festival, and the voices
of those who make merry are in the Great Place. O be thou at peace with me. Let me gaze upon thy beauties.
Let me journey above the earth. Let me smite the Eater of the Ass. Let me slit asunder the Serpent-fiend Sebak. Let me destroy Aepep at the moment of his greatest power. Let me behold the Abtu Fish at his season, and the Ant Fish as
it piloteth in its lake. Let Ra grant to me a view of the Disk, the Sun, unfailingly every day. Let my name (Ra!) be called out!
Let there be prepared for me a seat in the Boat of the Sun on the day wheron the god saileth! The Souls of the East follow thee, and the Souls of the West praise thee! Thou in thy shrine hast joy, for the Serpent-fiend Nak has been judged by the fire,
and thy heart shall rejoice forever!