Bavarian Illuminati M/C Events Calendar 2001

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April 1: FoOlS dAy RiDe: Seattle - ??? - return.
So named for it's participants, traditionally rainy.
Point yer web browser to:
for the 1996 full-color graphical version!
1998 ride

May 1: Weishaupt Day Ride & Party: High Rock Camp - Monroe,WA
Commemorating May Day, Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, and the 225th
Anniversary of the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati -
Wicker Man , Maypole, festivities!

June 21: 20th Annual Stonehenge Replica Pimgrimage - Maryhill,WA
Sunrise Solstice ritual at the monument.
Overnight camping and vigil.

July 3: 19th Anniversary Party : Hotel Grauer Baren
Kochel Am See
Oberbayern, Deutchland, Europa
Celebrating the transformation of the Bavarian Illuminati to a M/C!
Will be echoed locally : Location TBA

July 28: Persuit of Babylon Run
There will be an Illuminati run to Victoria BC on the weekend of July 28,
2001.  Theme is the persuit of Babylon.  Camping and fiberglass hot springs
compliments of chez Priapus.  Gnostic mass on Sunday 29th.  Possible Caustic
Mass the night before.  Come one come all. Email for details!

Labor Day(US): Burning Man Festival - Black Rock Desert,NV
1996 See the Illuminati M/C perform the Caustic Mass of the Motorcycle!
1997 BIMC Theme Camp
1999 The Whore of BabylonGnostic Temple and Titty Bar!!
Y2K (Aug28-Sept4) : Black Rock City Morgueand Tantric Funeral Parlor
2001 Red Shoe Krew 

September 21: Ride of the Equinox
Location TBA
Party and Ritual of Equilibrium to follow

Oct.12: Crowleymas Run and Rave
Victoria, B.C. Canada

Winter Solstice: Aid to the Spiritually Needy

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