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_______/______\_____________________________________Biker's Cabal___

Miscellaneous Position Statements,By-Laws and Reference Materials of the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI MOTORCYCLE CLUB and CONSPIRACY(INT'L):

  1. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law,love under will.
    "An' it harm none,do as you will!"
  2. We believe in Everything,Nothing is Sacred! We believe in Nothing,Everything is Sacred!
  3. 'Tis an Ill Wind that Blows no Minds!
  4. Nothing is true! Everything is permissible!

I. The Illuminati M/C is a Collective of Free Individuals,and claims no affiliation with any national, regional,or political bodies or organizations,nor do we acknowledge any authority other than the Higher Self!

II.All members of the Illuminati M/C are also,independently,Club Presidents. This is based on the premise that No Communication Is Possible Except Between Equals! Each President is completely autonomous,free to induct other members and develop their Chapters in whatever direction they dictate through their Imagination and Will!

III. The Nature of this Club is Anarchistic,Egalitarian, and Iconoclastic.As such,no member shall be required to Prospect prior to Full Induction. It is recommended that the distinctive Club Colors be issued to New Members by the President,Free of Charge.Similar collective means should be invented in the case of Groups. Non-Members may petition to join,but should be made aware that Selection is strictly up to the individual President(s) concerned.(Tricky Business!)

IV. Each President is Free to reproduce the Club Colors, Letterhead, Whatever - modify, create,and distribute them according to their Will. The Colors shall always include the distinctive Eye of Horus within the Triangle,and regardless of geographical location,BAVARIA.

V. An Air of Mystery should be conveyed to non-members,especially with regard to such intangibles as Club Rituals, membership size,etc. Acts of violence, domination,prejudice,unwarranted aggression or any other Negative Action in the name of the Club,as well as territorialism,terrorism,and intra/extraClub rivalry Will Not Be Tolerated,and will be summarily punished by the Law of Threefold Return, through Karma,instant or otherwise! Be Warned! The Responsibility for your actions is Yours Alone! Disgrace thyself and thy Club not,at Peril of Dire Consequences!

VI. While many Club Mysteries have Mystical Overtones,it should be reminded that no philosophical or religious affiliation is required,or even desired, for membership other than the highest ideals of Illumination and the Biker Lifestyle - Freedom,Independence,Self-Determination! Beware the pitfalls of this Lifestyle's Dark Side lest you be consumed - Ride in Balance!

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