0  In the beginning, there was War.
                                I  INTAKE
1 The Humors of the Lizard Brain, Anger and Fear and Lust, inspired
men to take up arms, and become Warriors.
2 And behold, the Horse was found to give advantage in War, permitting of
speed, power, mobility, enhancing a warrior's strength.  In time, a man's
wealth was measured in horses, and the very words signifiying a noble
warrior contained the name of the Horse: Equitatus, Caballero, Marchog,
Chevalier.  Chivalry meant little without the Horse.
3 As many as the lands of men and the tribes of men were the excuses for
War.  And one of these excuses was Religion.  And so it came to pass that
the Red and the Black, the Warrior and the Priest, combined in the Orders
of the Crusader Knights, bound overseas to wrest a land from the grasp of
folk who held not to their Religion -- folk who had in turn snatched it
from a third tribe who held to neither of the others' Religions.  And many
and bitter were the years that Christian and Moslem and Hebrew fought over
the wreckage of Jerusalem; aye, they fight yet.
4 But the Levant in those days was full of strange wonders, sensations new
to the Crusaders, foreign ideas.  And so it fell out that the Order of
Knights Templar found fresh meat for their spirits there, rich in the
spicerie of that land, perfumed with clove and rose water.  And as the
returning Crusaders brought back sandalwood and cinnamon, cubeb and
cardamom to enliven the plain food of their homelands, even so did the
Templars bring home ecstasy and mystery to combine with their own religion;
the Rose with the Cross.
                            II  COMPRESSION
5 And it was not known indeed, what rites they practised behind the
stone walls of their keep in France.  But whatever they did, they had
not long to enjoy, as Pope and King looked on the physical wealth and
temporal power the Templars brought likewise back from Jerusalem, and
desired it for themselves.  And so it was that the Knights Templar were
attacked, not with honest steel and the trusty horse, which they knew
well how to combat, but rather with doctrine and dogma, and capture and
torture, and so they were overcome.  And DeMolay, true knight and chief
of the Order, cursed Pope and King from the stake, and indeed did both
follow him to the Dark River not long after.
6 Thus DeMolay perished in fire; but his ideals continued to burn the blind
inner eye.  The sparks of light from his pyre were scattered through the
worlds, to ignite in each one where potential exists, the impelling
explosion.  And almost as many as the tribes of men were the orders that
came, in time, to claim right descent from the Templars.  And it was not
known indeed, which orders spoke true, and which were part of the Smoke and
Mirrors, or if all might have been true, or all false.  But many were the
orders that cherished their splinter of the Cross, their petal of the Rose.
7 On a time, one such order was founded, and true to DeMolay's curse, its
members did themselves deny Crown and Mitre their authority, and did
encourage free thought and Enlightenment.  And as before, Crown and Mitre
were swift to retaliate, and Weisshaupt and his Illuminati were destroyed,
as were the Templars before them.  But, as with the Templars, the sparks
scattered on the winds, to enkindle where they might; and as before, many
came to claim descent of the Illuminati, or to say that the Illuminati
continued in secret to control the destinies of nations.  And as with the
Templars, it was not known whether one order spoke true, another false, or
whether the whole argument was simply a construct of the Secret Masters to
confuse the unIlluminated, or whether there were any Secret Masters at all.
                                 III  POWER
8 And the Humors of the Forebrain, Invention and Liberation and Wanderlust,
inspired men to create for themselves engines.  In the hundredth year from
the founding of Weisshaupt's Order, the Four-Stroke Principle was patented.
And the first wheeled vehicle to be impelled by the new engine had two
wheels.  Germany and France, the lands of the Crusader Orders, between
them gave birth to the Motorcycle.
9 And behold, the Motorcycle was found to give advantage in Liberation,
permitting of speed, power, mobility, enhancing a rider's freedom.
In time, Orders of Riders arose, like the Orders of Knighthood before
them, and roads of the earth became as a legendary land, with the Riders of
the Motorcycle the knights errant of that land.
10 As many as the lands of men and the marques of motorcycle were the
Orders of Riders, and black was their livery, with the Arms of their
Orders displayed prominently as of old, and many were their talismanic
symbols and badges of pilgrimage.
11 But the Americas in those days were full of free-thinkers, inventive
philosophies, anarchic ideas.  And so it fell out that there came together
a band of Riders who, inspired by the flung sparks of DeMolay and
Weisshaupt, blown into flame by thinkers and dreamers, called themselves
Illuminati.  And the Red and the Black, the Mystic and the Rider, combined
in the Cabal of the Motorcycle, bound over roads to wrest life in its 
fullest and most free from the grasp of the Greyfaces, double-locked
and belted in and blind behind glass.
                                IV  EXHAUST
12 And behold: as I wrote these words, there came to me a vision, as though
seen in an asphalt shew-stone; I stood on a crag overlooking a vast city,
laid out under the night sky and blazing with innumerable lights to rival
the stars thereof.  And as the wind stirred in my hair, I turned, and
beside me stood the Angel of the Aethyr, appearing as a great war-horse;
his skin was black iron, his nostrils glowed red with inner fire, and each
stamp of his hoof struck white sparks from the stone beneath.  And even as
I looked upon him, he opened his mouth, flame issuing therefrom, saying,
SING!, and I was engulfed and consumed utterly.  In pain beyond pain, I
opened my mouth to scream, but instead, as the Angel had commanded, I could
not but sing.
13 And this was my song: I am Pillars of Fire; I am Wheel and Wheel; 
I am the Void that draws unto it Power; I am Blood and Oil; the Nectar
of the Alembic is my food; my Breath is Fire; my Body is Iron.  My Voice is
Thunder and Terror and Awe!  Yea, many are my Mysteries, and yet both the
Ignorant and the Wise shall desire me; and whoso toucheth me once I shall
seize them, yea, by the soul I shall seize them indeed, and they shall
not desire release.  And to thee, who seekest to part the Veil, to thee
shall I reveal Mysteries beyond myself, even the Greatest Mysteries;
but I shall speak to thee in the tongue of Fire and the tongues of
Essence, and in the secret chamber of mine Alchemy shall I show thee
even thine own Transformation.  Rise up, then; behold! the Road is before
thee!  I am the Road, and the Riding thereof; I am Slave and Master; I
shall bear thee, and thee me, and thou shalt breathe my Fire and I shall
drink thy Blood, and we shall be ONE!
14 And when I had done, the song that had filled me poured out like spilled
wine, I stood, an empty vessel, my skin all black and cracked as an old
amphora.  And the Angel opened his mouth again, with a roar like an hundred
thunders, and the earth trembled, and my charred skin crumbled away.  And
underneath I was all born anew, and upon my brow burned the Eye in the
Triangle, and on my breast flamed the Rosy Cross.  He bent down his head
to my ear; I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck, and he whispered
to me: NOW WE RIDE!  And ere I could speak or think, I sat astraddle him,
he leapt from the crag, and it was even as he said.
                                V  INTAKE
15 The number of the Freemasons is 15, being the number of the steps to
Solomon's Temple, three and five and seven.  And the Temple was protected
of the Knights Templar, who were said to worship the Baphomet, thought by
some to be a horned, devilish god.  And the number of the Devil card in
Tarot is 15.  And Weisshaupt's Illuminati on occasion passed along
their teachings in Freemasonic Lodges.  And the number of the
Freemasons is 15.  And the Devil of Tarot is a card of Alchemy, of the
Marriage of Sulfur and Salt mediated by Mercury, also depicted as three
birds fighting in a crucible, Red and White and Black.  The Templars
combined the Red and Black, and the White fire of their Illumination.
15 is calamity and ruin, aleph-yod-dalet, and fate appeared indeed to
ruin them.  But 15 is the sprouting grain, aleph-bet-yod-bet, and they
have risen again like corn that springeth green.  And they will be
proud and majestic, gimel-aleph-vav-heh (15), and they will bloom in
splendor, heh-vav-dalet (15), and crown and mitre they will despise,
bet-vav-zayin (15).  One of the Fifth was the founding of Weisshaupt's
Order; Fifteen is the Sabbath of the Adepts of the A:.A:. and the Book
of the Capricornus; Liber XV is the Gnostic Mass of the Magister Therion.
And upon the Path Heh between Beauty and Wisdom, they shall not crawl, nor
yet shall they walk, but they shall ride Inlit, yea, they shall ride Inlit.