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A new BIMC website is under development...
To view the old site ( frozen in time on 6/23/02 ), go here.

                              In the meantime, a few considerations:

                               All images and materials Copyright of the owner - unauthorized usage will be prosecuted to the full extent of the U.S.Copyright Law:
                               "Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-403)"

                              1.) The BIMC membership is international and nonaligned.
                                   The bottom rocker will always read "Bavaria" in reference
                                   to its historical origin.

                              2.) In light of recent events in Laughlin, Seattle, Eugene, Sweden, and
                                   around the globe we catagorically state that the BIMC is non-territorial
                                   and not a party to any inter-club conflicts or business.
                                   BIMC members strive to offer Respect and Courtesy to other patch holders.

                              3.) BIMC members are "Nomads" or "Lone Wolves" and each
                                   is a President unto themself, solely responsible for their own
                                   actions and aware of the consequences of such.

                              4.) Membership is "Invitation Only".
                                   Members may not actively recruit, nor may candidates "Prospect".
                                   BIMC Colors will _always_ be bestowed Free of Charge to new members,
                                   and no fees may be charged for inauguration ceremonies whatever the

                                                 KNOW               WILL              DARE              KEEP SILENT

Non Illigitimati Carborundum

The BIMC returns to Burning Man in 2008!
The Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Cabal and Conspiracy returns to the playa!
Learn the Secrets of World Domination!
Marvel to The Caustic Mass of the Motorcycle - BM '08!
Register with the Secret Masters!
Be initiated into a Genuine Mystery School!
Celebrate the Robert. A. Wilson Memorial BBQ! fnord
BIMC Camp will be located at: 4:30 & Allende, Black Rock City, Nevada
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